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The Story of TruAccolades

Dr. Adarsh K Arora
Founder and CEO

"Over the journey of becoming a serial entrepreneur, I came to realize how powerful it is to identify one's key strengths early on in their career. A couple of years ago, I joined Illinois Institute of Technology to teach students what I have learned and the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. While teaching, I noticed that many students have interesting and useful qualities as their key strengths, such as communication, a creative mindset, their quality of work and their commitment.

These are the top skills that are essential in a professional working environment, but there is no way for students to showcase them on their resume or LinkedIn profiles as they just highlight their courses and internships.

This is why I started TruAccolades - where a student can collect feedback from their teachers, professors, and other supervisors on their coursework and the skills they gained. This will help them identify their core strengths and choose career paths that complement them. Students can embed their earned accolades to existing professional profiles and be on a road to success!"

Pratyusha Mudrakarta
Founding Product Manager

"Feedback to me has been of utmost importance while progressing through various stages of my career that has helped me prepare for every stage, learn from mistakes and make sure I do not repeat them. Before I could even realize, I have become an entrepreneur. My journey of becoming one started with me stepping in to Professor Arora's office, asking for feedback on my public speaking skills during my initial days at IIT. Through various discussions with friends and colleagues, I noticed that feedback plays a crucial part in people's lives.

Realizing the need for such a system to be created, I joined TruAccolades as a Founding Product Manager to create this amazing platform that students, like me, can use to collect invaluable feedback and power themselves constantly in their career goals by showcasing their true strengths"

Meet The Team

Naveen J P
Dr. Sowmitri Swamy
Vice President
Jed Abernethy
Vice President
Under Scheduled Maintenance
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